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Are you starting a new company and need help with suitable names and an identity to help you compete in the market?

A corporate identity and brand should reflect the nature of the organization, its style, its character and its products in the minds of stakeholders. Kumar Design will undertake a comprehensive review of your corporate identity needs prior to submitting several options for your evaluation and comments.

Our goal is always to provide the most creative, unique and professional design solutions that aim to meet your needs.

Whether you are a new company in need of a corporate identity and brand or an existing company who thinks their identity might need refreshing, Kumar Design can work with you to create a unique, professional and creative identity that truly represents your organization and its products/services.
Does your company require a creative design that matches your needs and helps with your marketing process?

Kumar Design can create a powerful corporate brochure of any size, design, and style and with multiple additional areas of functionality, such as flaps and business card holders.

Additionally Kumar Design can manage the process from design and planning to printing and delivery, ensuring all elements of the project are completed in a professional manner under one roof, maximizing your return on design investment.

Additionally, we can offer comprehensive graphic design packages that provide a cost effective way to obtain multiple design services within a single project.

To view our client list, case studies and portfolio for graphic design, please click here.

A corporate brochure remains one of the most successful and popular person-to-person sales tools available. It provides a tangible means to present a variety of information and images to your client and provides an opportunity to promote your brand effectively. It must therefore be up-to-date with a relevant presentation and of a quality that best represents your organization.
Are you looking for a comprehensive web design company?

Kumar Design is a company providing complete website solutions from our team of in house development and design team of developer.

From design concept to implementation, our aim is to provide companies with a superior online eBusiness platform.

Kumar Design is a web design company that creates original websites or reviews and evaluates an existing web design to ensure a complete solution is provided to fulfill any online business internet requirements.

From an online corporate brochure, to complex database driven sites, eCommerce, and shopping carts  Kumar Design provide complete, professional and creative website designs and solutions.

Kumar Design has developed a Website Data Management System which allows you to take control over your website, and update as and when you require. This system can also reduce development costs and updating becomes faster and more efficient due to this online system.

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